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DNS Tools

DNS Enumeration Searching for DNS records and DNS related information is an important part of reconnaissance for a penetration tester. Obtaining information on DNS servers and DNS records provides the Pen Tester/Red Team/Attacker with a deeper understanding of the organisations network. With DNS, it is not a 'one tool fits all' situation. You will need […]
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SPF Checked – a look at the Sender Policy Framework

Heard of SPF but not sure how to pass an SPF check? Lets get back to basics and have a quick look at the SPF DNS record that can make your email delivery more reliable and less likely to hit the spam folder. An SPF record is a DNS TXT record that contains the IP […]
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Nmap 6.00 added to online port scanning tool

We have completed testing and rolled out the latest Nmap release version 6, to our online port scanner service. At this stage we have enabled Nmap 6 on the immediate port scan page, but are still testing it for scheduled port scanning. This will be upgraded once testing has completed. Congratulations to the Nmap development […]
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HTTP Header Security Analysis

In our analysis of the technology used by the worlds top websites, we queried the data on the usage of HTTP Header security controls. This is a breakdown of the HTTP Header security features that have been developed by different organizations. These controls can utilize features in the web browser to protect the user from […]
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WPScan added to WordPress Security Scan

For all you wordpress lovers we have added wpscan to our existing WordPress Security Scan. WPScan is a handy wordpress focused vulnerability scanner developed by Ryan Dewhurst (ethicalhack3r.co.uk). The scan uses techniques that include brute forcing the plugins directory of a wordpress installation to find installed plugins. This is an accurate way to find plugins […]
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Security Scan Restrictions and Updates

After performing over a quarter of a million free security scans, HackerTarget.com has decided to remove access to some of the free security scanning options. This will be a disappointment for some users but in the long run it will mean added functionality and improvements to our overall service. The primary reason for the change […]
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IPv6 added to online port scanner

Our online nmap port scanner is now IPv6 capable. Nmap has had the ability to scan IPv6 ip addresses for some time now and recently Linode also added IPv6 to its VPS offerings. These additions mean we can now provide on-line port scanning of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses or Host names that have an […]
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Top 100K Sites WordPress Usage Infographic

WordPress.org have a post up detailing the "state of the word". Around the same time we have been putting a wordpress infographic that highlights some of the findings from our analysis of wordpress usage among the top 100K sites (as rated by Alexa). WordPress Usage in the Top 100K Infographic
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Secure WordPress

Operating a secure WordPress installation requires work to stay on top of things, after all with WordPress being so popular the security is constantly being tested. WordPress Security Scan is a Hacker Target tool. It can be used to test the security of your wordpress installation from an external perspective. No plugin installation is required, […]
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sqlmap 0.9 added to online security scans

Latest update to the site tools is the addition of the new SqlMap 0.9 release to the Online SQL Injection scanner. This is a tool that takes SQL Injection to the next level and beyond. While our online scan tests for Sql Injection in HTTP GET requests, this is only the beginning. This tool can […]
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