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Maltego Transforms

Creating Local Maltego Transforms for our DNS reconnaissance tools has been on my to do list for a while now. I am happy to say they are now available and it is a sweet way to perform infrastructure mapping from a domain. What is Maltego? Maltego is a cross platform application, for performing link analysis. […]
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Cowrie Honeypot on Ubuntu

Cowrie is the new fork of the Kippo Honeypot. It has been updated with new features and provides emulation that records the session of an attacker. With this session recording you are able to get a better understanding of the attackers tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs). A term that is increasing being used in Cyber […]
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Internet Wide Scanning – Remote access granted

In the beginning there were Google Dorks, by using specific Google search queries it is still possible to find thousands of unsecured remotely accessible security cameras and printers. Now with search engines such as Shodan.io and Censys.io finding open devices on the Internet has gone to the next level. Google dorks work because Google happened […]
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15 Essential Open Source Security Tools

There are thousands of open source security tools with both defensive and offensive security capabilities. The following are 10 15* essential security tools that will help you to secure your systems and networks. These open source security tools have been given the essential rating due to the fact that they are effective, well supported and […]
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100K WordPress Powered Sites

Analysis of the 100K Top WordPress Sites provides us with insight into the technology and the security posture of these Internet properties. While WordPress Powered sites number in the millions around the world, the focus here are sites that have significant Internet traffic. Web Servers of the Top WordPress Powered Sites These statistics are based […]
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16 Offensive Security Tools for SysAdmins

Offensive security tools are used by security professionals for testing and demonstrating security weakness. Systems Administrators and other IT professionals will benefit from having an understanding of at least the capabilities of these tools. Benefits include preparing systems to defend against these types of attacks and being able to identify the attacks in the case […]
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Enable OSSEC Active Response

Many OSSEC users start of running with active response disabled to ensure that the OSSEC agent does not affect the server especially when running in a live production environment. Once you have an understanding of the number of alerts and types of alerts you are seeing, it is a good idea to enable active response. […]
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Proxy your Phone to Burp

In this guide we configure Burp Suite to proxy all the traffic from your phone, tablet or other wifi device. As a bonus you will also have full access to all the WIFI packets for consumption by Wireshark or your traffic analysis tool of choice.  Use this traffic analysis technique to hunt bug bounties in […]
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Quietly Mapping the Network Attack Surface

When assessing the network security of an organization it is important to understand the breadth of the attack surface. A single forgotten host or web application in the network will often become the initial foothold for an attacker. Passively Mapping the Network Attack Surface Using open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques and tools it is possible […]
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WordPress Security Testing with Nmap

With the popularity of WordPress as a publishing platform, security testing is an important part of ensuring the installation is secure. Nmap has a couple of NSE scripts specifically for the testing of WordPress installations. Using those scripts as a base I have developed a couple more that expand the capabilities of using Nmap to […]
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