Test SharePoint Security with this easy to use security vulnerability scan. Discover vulnerabilities, web server details and configuration errors.

SharePoint is a popular content management system built by Microsoft. Often used by corporations & enterprises it is a popular target for attackers. This SharePoint security scanner will test your Internet facing installation for security issues, configuration errors and poor reputation links so you can get to work mitigating the vulnerabilities.

Launch SharePoint Security Scan

Perform a Free SharePoint Security Scan with a low impact test.

Check any Sharepoint based site and get a high level overview of the sites security posture. Once you see how easy it is grab a membership and test Sharepoint with the dedicated vulnerability scanning tools OpenVAS, Nmap and more.

Items checked in the FREE scan
  • Attempt to detect version of Sharepoint
  • Discovery third party modules & templates
  • List client side JS and iframes in page
  • Threat Intel & Blacklisting Checks

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  • Nothing to install. Hosted tools for easy access.
  • Identify the attack surface with Nmap Port Scanner
  • Test Sharepoint with OpenVAS and Nikto Scanners
  • Access to 28 Vulnerability Scanners and OSINT Tools
  • Trusted Open Source Tools