Whois lookup

Perform a whois lookup of a domain or IP address to find the registered owner.

About the whois lookup

Whois lookups are an easy and fast way to find the ISP, Hosting provider, countries and contact details for domains and IP addresses. There are many uses for this data that can be utilized by both attackers and defenders in the information security sector.

Useful for tracking down attackers when defending and finding targets to attack when on the offensive. A whois lookup can reveal organisational details, IP ranges to scan and the email addresses of technical staff. This information is a part of the information gathering phase prior to launching an attack.

This IP Tool simply runs the whois command line tool that is packaged in most Linux operating systems.

Whois Lookup API

Another way to query the whois service is to use the API. The HTTP response from the API will be returned in a simple text based format.


The API is designed to be used in an ad-hoc fashion not for bulk queries and is like all our IP Tools is limited to 50 (total) requests from a single IP Address per day.