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Web Tech 2011 – Part 2

Now available is Part 2 of our Web Tech Report 2011 data mining project. We have compared the results of the most popular web technologies of the Top 1 Million Web Sites with the most popular Technologies in use by the Forbes Fortune 1000 US Corporations. There is a clear preference by the largest corporations […]
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Web Tech 2011 Report

The HackerTarget.com Web Tech 2011 Report has just been released. This is the first edition of the report and aims to provide insight into the web technologies in use by the worlds most popular websites. Based on the Alexa top 1 million sites; content management system popularity, web servers, server side scripting, web development frameworks, […]
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dnsdumpster.com launched for osint recon

DNSDumpster.com is a new project and network reconnaissance platform from HackerTarget.com. We have built an open source intelligence gathering tool that will profile a domain name and produce an easy to read report about related systems and publicly available information about that domain. Head over and give it a spin! Alternatively if you like to […]
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Hack your org in 60 minutes

Often times the users of HackerTarget.com are not experts in the realm of vulnerability assessments. In fact, many are not sure where to start and are confronted with a bunch of free tools available online for immediate use. The tools have a variety of different uses leaving beginners unsure of where to begin. Below is […]
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Web Scanner Comparison

An interesting report has been released that takes a sample of web application security testing applications and puts them up against each other. The most notably thing is how much the results vary, and how many vulnerabilities most scanners miss. Clearly using more than one scanner is necessary to be able to compare the results, […]
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Mozilla Service Week

An online volunteering initiative by the Mozilla foundation is a great initiative intending to bring online volunteering together with organisations and individuals requiring assistance. We believe the Internet should make life better. Join us the week of September 14-21, 2009, as we take action to make a difference in our communities, our world, our Web. […]
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SSH failed logins for past month

This graph shows the failed logins into one of our servers for the past month. As you can see they get hammered - just like most servers on the Internet. As you can see is a busy little server, whois reveals the system is based in the Philippines. A google of the IP shows […]
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Security from the Cloud – Whitepaper

Hacker Target Whitepaper release Security from the Cloud focuses on the reasons why vulnerability scanning out of the cloud makes so much sense. This white paper describes advantages of using a remote Vulnerability Scanning Service contained within the¬†Cloud. A service available from anywhere, by any systems, fully contained as a remote entity and managed by […]
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