Nmap 6.00 added to online port scanning tool

We have completed testing and rolled out the latest Nmap release version 6, to our online port scanner service.

At this stage we have enabled Nmap 6 on the immediate port scan page, but are still testing it for scheduled port scanning. This will be upgraded once testing has completed.

Congratulations to the Nmap development team and Fyodor. The new release has a large number of great features and a new wave of NSE scripts.

  • 289 new NSE scripts
  • New web scanning capabilities
  • Full IPv6 support,
  • A new tool named Nping for packet generation and response analysis
  • More capable Zenmap GUI and results viewer
  • Faster scans

Here at we are quite happy with the speed improvements, as this will mean our users get the results faster, with a reduced load on our servers.