Security Scan Restrictions and Updates

After performing over a quarter of a million free security scans, has decided to remove access to some of the free security scanning options. This will be a disappointment for some users but in the long run it will mean added functionality and improvements to our overall service.

The primary reason for the change is that even with multiple layers of restrictions in place, a very small percentage of users continued to attempt to abuse the systems.

While the occurrences of abuse was very low, the ongoing maintenance required when playing a game of whack a mole was taking time away from further development and improvements to the services on offer. Blacklists were continually being updated with free email provider domains, Tor IP addresses, and other anonymous services.

Security Scans that are now restricted include the Nikto Web Site Scanner, the SQL Injection Scan and the OpenVas Vulnerability Scan. These are scans that are quite noisy and can result in Intrusion Detection Systems Alerts and large numbers of log file entries.

All non-intrusive security scans and information gathering tools will continue to be available for Free as will be the most popular on-line Nmap scan.

Membership will provide access to all current scans and some new tools that are under development. The requirement to pay for membership adds an additional layer of identification before any intrusive scans can be initiated.

Information technology professionals who use our services will find the low cost and enhanced service offerings a most welcome addition.

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Director and Lead Analyst