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IP Tools

The following are a collection of online IP Tools that can be used to quickly get information about IP Addresses, Web Pages and DNS records.

These tools are placed here to be a quick reference whether you are assessing your organizations systems, or popping boxes on a penetration testing engagement.

In addition to the on-line web form access there is also an option to access the tools via an easy to use API or a Chrome extension.

Free IP and Network Tools

Traceroute Using mtr an advanced traceroute tool trace the path of an Internet connection.
Test Ping A common tool for testing connectivity to a host, perform a ping from our server.
DNS Lookup Find DNS records for a domain, results are determined using the dig DNS tool.
Find (A) Records Find forward DNS (A) records for a domain.
Reverse DNS Find Reverse DNS records for an IP address or a range of IP addresses.
Find Shared DNS Servers Find hosts sharing DNS servers.
Zone Transfer Online Test of a zone transfer that will attempt to get all DNS records for a target domain
Whois Lookup Determine the registered owner of a domain or IP address block with the whois tool.
GeoIP Lookup Find the location of an IP address using the GeoIP lookup location tool.
Reverse IP Discover web hosts sharing an IP address with a reverse IP lookup.
TCP Port Scan Determine the status of an Internet facing service or firewall
UDP Port Scan Online UDP port scan available for common UDP services
Subnet Lookup Online Determine the properties of a network subnet
HTTP Headers View HTTP Headers of a web site. The HTTP Headers reveal system and web application details.
Page Links Dump all the links from a web page.
AS Lookup Get Autonomous System Number or ASN details from an AS or an IP address.
Easy access to these online IP networking tools is simply convenient, in addition they perform testing external from your current network giving you a second point of reference when troubleshooting a problem. Some of these tools are built in Linux operating system tools, so are also helpful if you are testing from your phone or Windows host.
Advanced Security Vulnerability Scanners
Trusted tools. Hosted for easy access.

API access to IP Tools

Try the Free API access to the IP Tools. The purpose of providing these tools accessible via an API is to make it as easy as possible to quickly get access to information that can assist when assessing the security of an organizations network. Remove limits with a Full Membership

The output from the API is basic text, you can access the API using curl, a web browser or a scripting language of your choice such as php or python.

Using the API is straight forward, the target system IP address or hostname can be added to the q= parameter. No key or sign-up is required to access the API.

If you are a registered user you can access an API key in the user control panel. Access with the API key must use HTTPS.

Example request with curl and a valid API Key:

curl https://api.hackertarget.com/dnslookup/?q=hackertarget.com&apikey=plmoknijbuhvygvtrgedsfghhhhkjhkhfsk

Access to the MTR Traceroute API


Access to the on-line Test Ping API


Access to the DNS Lookup API


Access to the Reverse DNS Lookup API


Access to the Whois Lookup API


Access to the GeoIP Lookup API


Access to the Reverse IP Lookup API


Access to the HTTP Headers API


Access to the Page Links API


Access to the AS Lookup API


These tools have been made available for adhoc lookups to assist in the security assessment process. There is a limit of 100 API calls per day from a single IP address. No guarantees are made for accuracy or reliability of this service. See the HackerTarget.com terms of service for more information.

Rate Limiting of API Requests

To ensure service reliability we have a rate limit that amounts to a maximum of 3 requests per second from a single IP address. If you exceed the rate limit you will receive a HTTP 429 response code from the API server.

Domain Profiler for Attack Surface Discovery

Use the Domain Profiler tool to perform automated reconnaissance against a domain name. This provides a quick overview of an organisations Internet facing infrastructure within a few minutes.

Results are collected passively; no packets are sent against the target IP ranges resulting in a very stealthy way to assess an organizations perimeter.

Chrome Extension for Fast access to IP Tools

If you are a Chrome user you may find this extension helpful in your day to day work. Access all the IP Tools using a quick popup window that will be available after you install the extension.

If you are on a Windows box this is a great way to get easy access to helpful Linux command line tools (dig, whois, curl, wget).