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Snort Tutorial and Practical Examples

Snort is a powerful open source network intrusion detection and prevention system. Use this tutorial to not only get started using Snort but understand its capabilities with a series of practical examples. Snort uses rules to analyze network traffic discover potential threats or network anomalies. Alerts can be dispatched to an analyst or trigger remediation […]
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Recon-NG Tutorial

article revised and updated Nov 2022 The interactive console provides a number of helpful features such as command completion and contextual help. Recon-ng Installation Installing Recon-ng is very simple and there are a few common ways. Below are a few examples; Kali: At the time of this article version 5.1.2 comes pre-installed with Kali Linux. […]
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Gobuster tutorial

Gobuster Installation Written in the Go language, this tool enumerates hidden files along with the remote directories. Using the command line it is simple to install and run on Ubuntu 20.04. For version 2 its as simple as: $ sudo apt install gobuster The Linux package may not be the latest version of Gobuster. Check […]
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Nessus 10 On Ubuntu 20.04 Install And Mini Review

Nessus v10.0.0 was released in Nov 2021. A name change in 2019 saw Nessus Home become Nessus Essentials. Nessus Essentials is Tenable's free version of its vulnerability scanner. Limited to 16 IPs with unlimited time usage. If you need more than that, there is an option for a free trial for seven days to Nessus […]
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Extend DetectionLab with Linux Endpoints

DetectionLab is a fantastic project by Chris Long for quickly deploying a Windows Domain-based test environment with Linux-based Security Information Event Management (SIEM). See our DetectionLab Tutorial or check out the project page for more information. In this post, I detail how to easily deploy additional Ubuntu Linux-based servers into the DetectionLab environment. The idea […]
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Build a Cyber Security Lab with DetectionLab

DetectionLab and Vagrant DetectionLab by Chris Long makes this initial configuration a piece of cake. It is quite simply amazing; if DetectionLab was thrown into a 1RU box with blinking lights (Lockeed/Boeing/Raython) would probably sell this thing as a Cyber Range for 7+ figures. The DetectionLab will run on many operating systems and Hypervisors, but, […]
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osquery Linux Tutorial and Tips

Install osquery on Ubuntu Linux Originally developed by Facebook, osquery is a well-supported and documented tool. It has straightforward installation steps for a variety of operating systems and Linux distributions. In this tutorial, we will focus on installation on Ubuntu from the official repository. If you are using Fedora or other Linux distros the initial […]
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ClamAV Antivirus for Linux Tutorial

ClamAV Antivirus is an open source malware detection tool. In this tutorial we cover getting started with ClamAV and common use cases. Through various configuration profiles it is able to perform real time filesystem detection, ad hoc file scanning, mail gateway filtering and http proxy scanning. These use cases only scratch the surface of what […]
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Attacking and Enumerating Joomla

Discover the tips and techniques used to attack and break into Joomla based websites. An understanding of these hacker techniques will enable you to be prepared to keep your sites secure. Additionally, penetration testers or red teams needing to exploit Joomla targets will also find practical hints in this guide. Enumeration | Recon 1. Joomla […]
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SSH Examples, Tips & Tunnels

Practical SSH examples to take your remote system admin game to the next level. Commands and tips to not only use SSH but master ways to move around the network. Knowing a few ssh tricks will benefit any system administrator, network engineer or security professional.
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