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100K WordPress Powered Sites

Analysis of the 100K Top WordPress Sites provides us with insight into the technology and the security posture of these Internet properties. While WordPress Powered sites number in the millions around the world, the focus here are sites that have significant Internet traffic. Web Servers of the Top WordPress Powered Sites These statistics are based […]
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Leading websites that enable IPv6 now at 2.68%

There is a need for web site owners and business to enable IPv6 on networks and public facing Internet services. HackerTarget.com has completed a second survey of the websites in the Alexa Top 1 Million to review the latest progress. The survey tested each host for the presence of an AAAA DNS record. This is […]
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WordPress themes in top 1 million websites

WordPress themes have been extracted from our latest analysis of the worlds top 1 million websites (by alexa rank). Digging into the data shows interesting trends in the WordPress content management space, and can also provide insight into security vulnerabilities. Third party wordpress components that include plugins and themes can introduce exploitable security issues. Methodology: […]
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