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Security tools both offensive and defensive in nature.

rkhunter – add another layer to your security

Rkhunter is an easy to use tool that keeps an eye on your systems files for rootkits and a few other oddities that may indicate an attacker has taken over your system. It can be also used if your system has been hacked and you wish to inspect the damage - keep in mind that […]
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Sqlmap 0.7 released and added to HackerTarget.com sqli scan option

Bernardo Damele A. G. has released the latest update to sqlmap 0.7 and it is fast become the leading SQL injection tool for penetration testing. A python based script that can give you full shell access amongst other things on an sql injection exploitable host. This is a must have on a web application pentest. […]
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Nmap 5.00 added to HackerTarget.com Scanning Suite

Hot off the forges of Fyodor comes the latest release of the worlds leading port scanner. Nmap 5.00 has been released, and we have immediately implemented it here at HackerTarget.com. Keep an eye out as we explore some of the new features, we will be sure to implement them here, keeping HackerTarget.com the number one […]
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Guide to OpenVPN on Ubuntu 904 Jaunty Jackalope

If you want a simple VPN this is a quick and easy guide for OpenVPN on Ubuntu that will get you up and running with minimal configs. Note that with some persistance this is not hard to do and opens up a world of possibilities. Eg, Full encrypted access from remote locations to your home […]
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Guide to Nessus 4 on Ubuntu 9.04

This guide is the first in a 3 part series. Part 1 is the Installation of Nessus 4 on the Jaunty Jackalope - Ubuntu 9.04. Part 2 covers the installation of OpenVas 2 on Ubuntu 9.04 and Part 3 will be a comparison between the two vulnerability scanners. A full review with scan results from […]
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Open Source Technology

Our scanning platform here at HackerTarget.com is comprised of a number of geographically diverse hosts at world class Data Centers in Europe and the USA. Depending on our current load and scanner requirements we have the capability of using our high end Dell Poweredge Dedicated server or one of a handful of VPS servers. The […]
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rkhunter & chkrootkit: wise crackers only

A good summary of the two top root kit hunters for linux hosts. Rkhunter and chkrootkit are tools to check for signs of a rootkit. They will inspect the system they’re running on and report anomalies either through the shell or via email. Although an attacker able to install a rootkit is likely also able […]
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Automated Web Application Scanners

I stumbled across some interesting reading around open source vs commercial and the future of web application scanning. From the Watchfire blog there is a good discussion with an interesting post and some good comments. A near perfect web application security site testing tool is a difficult thing to achieve, I liken it to the […]
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Nessus Scanning – Command Line

Now that we have outlined the basics of the command line nmap scan (remember that when it comes to security tools the gui is for chumps) I will now go on and build on that knowledge with some Nessus command line ninja moves. Firstly you need to install your Nessus Server onto your linux box. […]
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