When Neo Hacked the Latvian SRS Database

Movie plots cross into real life in Latvia where a significant security breach has occurred in the hacking of the Latvian SRS Databse. A group of hackers has stirred the nation after hacking into the countries taxation web site and revealing details of the powerful political elites wages and bonuses. One of the hackers used the name Neo, and has explained his motivations and reasons for the attack to a Latvian current affairs program.

From the Matrix:
Trinity: Hello Neo.
Neo:How do you know that name
Trinity: I know a lot about you
Neo: Who are you?
Trinity: My name's Trinity
Neo: Trinity...THE Trinity? The one who hacked the IRS D-Base?
Trinity: That was a long time ago
Neo: Jesus
Trinity: What?
Neo: I just were a guy
Trinity: Most guys do

To the horror of Latvia’s political establishment, a mysterious group of computer hackers is threatening to expose the incomes of top officials after stealing millions of government tax records.

The group, calling itself the People’s Army of the Fourth Awakening, claimed to have downloaded more than 7.5 million documents, including VAT receipts and income tax returns, from the State Revenue Service
(SRS) after exploiting a security loophole on its website.

One hacker used the name Neo, in apparent tribute to the hero of The Matrix science-fiction films, in which a vast system for enslaving humanity is exposed. He or she claimed that the documents revealed the
extent of official hypocrisy over belt-tightening reforms introduced as Latvia’s economy reeled under the impact of the global economic crisis. “The purpose of the group is to unmask those who gutted the country,”
Neo told the Latvian television current affairs programme Kas Notiek Latvija in an interview posted on its website.

Neo has been hailed as a digital Robin Hood by disgruntled Latvians after posting details from the documents on the internet to contrast the earnings of top officials with cuts experienced by other workers.

Reuters - Latvia web hacker nabbed after baring officals pay