SQL Injection Scanner List

A few of the wide range of SQL Injection scanning tools available from detection to automated exploitation and shells on a plate.

Sqlninja ( )
Supports only Microsoft SQL Server.

sqlmap ( )
Full support: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.
Partial support for: Microsoft Access, DB2, Informix, Sybase and Interbase.

Pangolin 3.2.3 free edition ( )
Your web applications using Access,DB2,Informix,Microsoft SQL Server 2000,Microsoft SQL Server 2005,Microsoft SQL Server 2008,MySQL,Oracle,PostgreSQL,Sqlite3,Sybase.
Features: Auto-analyzing keyword, HTTPS support, Pre-Login, Bypass firewall setting, Injection Digger, Data dumper, etc.

Havij v1.14 Advanced SQL Injection – free version ( )