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Archives of #splunk

There are no WordPress Timthumb Hackers in Mongolia

What is Timthumb? Back in August 2011, a serious vulnerability was discovered in many popular WordPress themes and Plugins. The code enabled automatic thumbnail creation when publishing with the WordPress content management system. While not a part of the WordPress core, the code had been reused by many developers, including both commercial and free theme […]
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Update GeoIP data for Splunk App

If you are using the GeoIP app for Splunk you will find that it has not been updated recently. The last update was June 2011. Following my recent post regarding the installation of Splunk on an Ubuntu based system I started to dig into this app and found that it is a simple matter to […]
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Install Splunk on Ubuntu in 5 mins

Splunk is a powerful log database that can be used for the analysis of any sort of log data through its easy to use search engine. Security logs, Syslog, Web server logs, and Windows logs are just the beginning. One of the great features of Splunk is that you can feed pretty much any log […]
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