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There are no WordPress Timthumb Hackers in Mongolia

What is Timthumb? Back in August 2011 a serious vulnerability was found in many popular WordPress themes and Plugins. The code that enabled automatic thumbnail creation when publishing with the WordPress content management system. While not a part of the WordPress core, the code had been reused by many developers including both commercial and free […]
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Update GeoIP data for Splunk App

If you are using the GeoIP app for Splunk you will find that it has not been updated recently. The last update was June 2011. Following my recent post regarding the installation of Splunk on an Ubuntu based system I started to dig into this app and found that it is a simple matter to […]
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Leading websites that enable IPv6 now at 2.68%

There is a need for web site owners and business to enable IPv6 on networks and public facing Internet services. HackerTarget.com has completed a second survey of the websites in the Alexa Top 1 Million to review the latest progress. The survey tested each host for the presence of an AAAA DNS record. This is […]
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Firewalling Ubuntu with UFW for IPv4 + IPv6

Under Ubuntu you can quickly build an iptables based firewall using the handy built in firewall configuration tool UFW. Network architectures will vary but if you are deploying Internet facing Servers you generally should be configuring a host based firewall. It can provide protection to listening services that don't need to be Internet accessible, in […]
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30 most popular Drupal themes in Top 1M websites

In this list of popular Drupal Themes in the Alexa Top 1 million, I have tallied the number of Drupal themes based on the path of the theme installation. Drupal theme counts were determined by analysing the html of the root pages in the top 1 million websites and extracting the default Drupal theme path […]
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Bro-IDS Ubuntu 16.04 Install & Tutorial

Now lets get started on the Bro IDS Installation under Ubuntu 16.04 Grab the required packages using apt. apt install cmake make gcc g++ flex bison libpcap-dev libssl-dev python-dev swig zlib1g-dev libgeoip-dev As you can see we have included the libgeoip-dev package as we are going to configure our installation with GeoIP support. wget http://geolite.maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/GeoLiteCity.dat.gz […]
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Nessus, OpenVAS and Nexpose VS Metasploitable

In this high level comparison of Nessus, Nexpose and OpenVAS I have made no attempt to do a detailed metric based analysis. The primary reason for this is that it would be time consuming and difficult to get a conclusive result. This is due to the large differences in not only detection but also categorization […]
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Egress Firewall Test

This guide outlines a method to quickly assess the egress traffic filtering of a firewall using the Nmap port scanner. Egress Traffic are connections that are initiated from within an organsiation / system to an external Internet host. Ingress Traffic are connections that are coming into a system, this is typically web servers, mail servers […]
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Webscarab and Ratproxy installation and chaining

In this mini tutorial we are going to use Webscarab and Ratproxy together in a chained fashion. This will enable passive testing of a web application by Ratproxy, with more active intercepting proxy testing to be done by Webscarab. For this reason we will run Ratproxy as the first hop in the proxy chain with […]
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Woothemes Framework Update Analysis

In this post I examine the fact that only 31% of Wootheme based sites in the top 1 million are running the latest version of the Wootheme Framework. WordPress themes are an important part of the security checklist when maintaining your WordPress installation. A key security maintenance function of any WordPress install is performing regular […]
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