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BackTrack used by the NSA

As highlighted over on the backtrack site. It appears the NSA are one of the users of the excellent security testing Linux Distribution that is Back Track. That is almost as cool as Nmap being used in the Matrix. The National Security Agency and the Central Security Service tested the five U.S. service academies during […]

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Installing Nessus 4.2 into Backtrack 4.0 Final

Nessus continues to be a very popular vulnerability scanning option after moving down the proprietary path. The latest release is 4.2 and it is now using a client / server model that has the client being a flash based web client. It is a good move, as I always found the client to be clunky […]

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BackTrack 4 Release

In case you missed it the worlds leading penetration testing Linux Distribution BackTrack has hit version 4.0. A new web site, great video tutorials for those wanting to learn and a complete guide to Metasploit are just a few of the new bits for you to check out. Based on Ubuntu and well tested this […]

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