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Hydra 6.4 Password Brute Forcer

The latest version of Hydra has been released with some bug fixes. Problems noted in my post comparing hydra with ncrack and medusa have been addressed and after testing I can confirm these issues are no longer present.


* Update SIP module to extract and use external IP addr return from server error to bypass NAT
* Update SIP module to use SASL lib
* Update email modules to check clear mode when TLS mode failed
* Update Oracle Listener module to work with Oracle DB 9.2
* Update LDAP module to support Windows 2008 active directory simple auth
* Fix to the connection adaptation engine which would loose planned attempts
* Fix make script for CentOS, reported by ya0wei
* Print error when a service limits connections and few pairs have to be tested
* Improved Mysql module to only init/close when needed
* Added patch from the FreeBSD maintainers
* Module usage help does not need a target to be specified anymore
* configure script now honors /etc/ld.so.conf.d/ directory

Hydra 6.4 Released