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Archives of #security tools

20 Open Source Security Tools for Blue Teams

20 Essential tools for Blue Teams   1. Nmap   2. OpenVAS   3. OSSEC   4. Security Onion   5. Metasploit Framework   6. OpenSSH   7. Wireshark   8. Kali Linux   9. Nikto 10. Yara 11. Arkime (formerly Moloch) 12. ZEEK (formerly Bro-IDS) 13. Snort 14. OSQuery 15. GRR - Google Rapid Response 16. ClamAV 17. Velociraptor 18. ELK Stack | […]
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16 Offensive Security Tools for SysAdmins

Security Professionals use Offensive security tools for testing and demonstrating security weaknesses. Systems Administrators and other IT professionals will benefit from having an understanding of the capabilities of these tools. Benefits include preparing systems to defend against these types of attacks and being able to identify the attacks in the case of an incident. This […]
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Enable OSSEC Active Response

Many OSSEC users start with Active response disabled to ensure the OSSEC agent does not affect the server, especially when running in a live production environment. However, once you have an understanding of the number of alerts and types of alerts you are seeing, it is a good idea to enable Active response. Blocking is […]
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