SEO Showdown: WordPress SEO vs All in One SEO

As part of the on going analysis of the top websites in the world we are looking here at the two most talked about WordPress Search Engine Optimization plugins.

All in One SEO
is the number 1 most downloaded Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress, while the upcoming WordPress SEO by Yoast, is perhaps the one with the most buzz. So lets see how they stand up when it comes to numbers.

Examining the download counts

Total Downloads

All In One SEO

WordPress SEO

Downloads for the past week

All In One SEO

WordPress SEO

Current rating from

All In One SEO
4.7 1751 votes
WordPress SEO
3.7 1249 votes

These download stats show the popularity of both plugins, All in one SEO has been around for over 5 years, while WordPress SEO is a bit over 1 year old - so this makes the total downloads difficult to compare. Looking at the downloads per week therefore makes more sense, and we can see that WordPress SEO is definitely catching up. One thing to note is that Yoast released a new version just over a week ago; this would have produced a jump in the downloads for the week.

Lets try and get some more definitive data.

Looking at Websites in the Alexa Top 1 million is a great way to get an understanding of the web based technologies in use by the worlds most popular websites. Looking at total downloads for something like wordpress involves including millions of one page blogs that get updated once and left untouched until the hosting expires or the site gets hacked. By focusing on the top 1 million you are able to get a much better picture as these are generally sites that are managed; and they do get decent levels of traffic.

Total sites of each Plugin in the Top 1 Million Websites

All In One SEO

WordPress SEO

AISEO popularity over the past 5 years has it well and truly entrenched in the top websites. Revisiting these total numbers in 12 months; will be an interesting exercise.

How did we determine plugin usage? Both of the plugins we analysed have a comment in the HTML code of the site in question. It was simply a matter of counting the instances of the comment across all 1 million sites that we crawled in the Alexa Top 1 million.

Ok - now lets go further and break down the top 1 million into 100K chunks

Total plugin installs per 100K top websites

This chart shows the total of each plugin within each 100K block of sites from the top 1 million.

all in one seo vs wordpress seo total sites

There seems to be a slight trend up the top end of the sites. How about if we break it down and show the distribution of the sites by percentage of total installs within the top 1 million.

Percentage of installs against all installs of the plugin for the top 1 million

all in one seo vs wordpress seo distribution of sites

Looking at these numbers there does appear to be a small trend towards more of the Yoast plugin enabled sites being in the higher trafficked sites. This is not overwhelming and the reasons are likely varied.

I propose that possible explanations for the trend:
1. WordPress SEO is used by audiences who are more focused in their SEO and therefore are achieving higher traffic levels.
2. You can install AIOSEO and leave it to work, while Yoast's plugin encourages tuning; perhaps this has improved the rankings of those sites.
3. Or maybe it is just works more effectively.


So in conclusion it appears as WordPress SEO is making in roads and even showing signs of a deeper presence at the top end trafficked websites; even though All in One SEO still has the lion's share of the WordPress Search Optimization install base. However it is a good thing to keep in mind that while a plugin will provide some level of improvements to search engine ranking. Good content and a quality site are what you should focus on; especially when it comes to a site that will be viable in the long term.

So what do you use? Could I have done the statistical analysis in a better way? I am no statistics expert after all, I am far better at breaking into websites. 🙂

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