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Press Release – New Free Scan Options Launched

HackerTarget.com, the world leader in online open source vulnerability analysis has launched a new online service aimed at webmasters and web hosting companies that utilizes some the worlds best vulnerability analysis tools.

Recently legislation in Germany and proposed legislation in the United Kingdom has been highlighted by HackerTarget.com as detrimental to online security. The laws in a nut shell make it illegal or certainly a grey area to use or operate "hacking tools" even though these tools are clearly used by security researchers, consultants and end users to do vulnerability audits and ensure a high level of internet security.

By providing a remote scanning service HackerTarget.com is able to provide scanning and security analysis anywhere in the world to any legitimate user who has a need for this kind of service.

Increasingly attacks against web hosts are becoming a favorite play ground of online organised crime as they are often poorly secured and monitored. Infected web hosts are popular for spreading malware that makes up botnets, phishing, spamming and illegal repositories for software and media.

Some of the worlds best open source tools utilized by HackerTarget.com include Nessus, Nmap, Nikto and SQLiX. Providing auditing for vulnerabilities that include operating system, web server, web script and sql injection.

Scan options from HackerTarget.com range from a number of free scanning services that provide raw technical output from the tools, to more traditional security consulting services such as full vulnerability audits and penetration testing.