Change is Good! A note about Membership

Many of you will notice that the Standard (Basic level) security scanners are no longer available for Free. This is a decision that has not come lightly, however it is the right decision.

The GOOD NEWS is that all the security testing features that make so popular will continue to be available. In fact this change will allow enhancements and the development of the security scanners into an even better service.

The BAD NEWS is that it now costs a once off $19 joining fee to use the Standard level scanners. Lets read that again you can access all 9 of our standard scans for $19, this does not expire. The other bit of bad news is that you now have to login to use access the scanners. Not so bad really was it?

What about some more GOOD NEWS? The Nmap port scan can now scan all 65535 TCP ports on the Basic Plan. Woo Hoo!

If you sign up for 12 months on the Silver or Gold plans and chose not to renew after this time, you still maintain BASIC level access to all the standard scanners. Forever!

Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise head over to the Membership page and signup.

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